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Operations – Foot and Arthroscopic Surgery

As part of our specialization in foot and arthroscopic surgery, we offer a high level of outpatient and inpatient surgeries. At the start, we perform a precise diagnostic investigation of your problems with the most modern devices. We then individually discuss with you the possible therapy options and clarify whether non-surgical therapies (conservative therapies) could be an alternative. If you decide to have an operation, we will of course personally perform this at the RKM 740 Interdisciplinary Specialist Clinic. After the operation, we will also monitor you and put together a postoperative treatment concept so that you can achieve your goals, whether they be pain reduction in everyday life or practicing your sport again.

Of course you’ll also have an appointment with our anesthesia team prior to the operation. Here you will be thoroughly informed about the anesthesia. Some blood tests may also be done here preoperatively to accompany you safely through the operation.

Our patient management will discuss all further matters for a pleasant stay in our clinic. You’ll find the right contact person here regarding desired services, such as accommodations in a single room.

We’ll personally accompany you, from your first appointment in our practice to the conclusion of your
follow-up treatment. The close cooperation with colleagues and fellow employees at the RKM 740 Clinic offers total care at the specialist level, short communication channels and a familiar atmosphere.


Foot surgery

In addition to diagnostics and therapy, our areas of specialization include the surgical treatment of foot problems. No matter what your complaints are, you’re in the best of hands with us. We perform both outpatient and inpatient surgeries. If necessary, even on both feet at the same time.

Arthroscopic ankle surgery

An arthroscopy enables the surgical treatment of diseases such as cartilage damage or scarring through 2 small incisions. It is often referred to as a “keyhole operation.” We perform both outpatient and inpatient surgeries in our RKM 740 clinic.

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